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Our Philosophy

We do what we love

Most of us dream of having a fascinating and enjoyable job. This was our dream too and we pursued it by founding Clochee. We now do what we love, what we are interested in and what we are good at. We want to share it with you. 


We have the same needs as you

We want to give you products that we use ourselves. We have the same needs as you: health, beauty and security. Our strength lies in the quality of our products. We refuse to compromise and our products are rigorously tested by dermatologists and allergologists. We choose our suppliers with care. We are meticulous and patient with our formulas and we repeatedly analyse its quality. Our products are assessed and certified by experts. We therefore guarantee that our product is completely natural and safe. 


We want to show you that you can reach perfection

We do not rush and hence we give you our products only when we are 100% satisfied with the final result. We strive to source the best ingredients and present them in beautiful packaging. The visual, sensual and tactile qualities of our products are equally as important as its effectiveness. 


We care about the quality of our services

Our strength lies not only in our quality and eco-friendly approach but also in a desire to fulfil your needs. We guarantee you convenient online shopping experience and we welcome honest feedback and dialogue. We are here for you. 


Inpired by nature

Our aim is to produce the perfect beauty product, which is natural, safe and healthy. We use the power of plants and minerals and stay true to nature. Our products do not contain allergy inducing substances (parabens and other preservatives,  mineral oil and oil substances, silicones, alcohol, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, ethoxylated PEG and SLES).