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Our Mission

Our Mission

Back to nature

"Convenienter naturae vivere" ("Live in a way that is suitable to nature") - Zeno of Citium  

We want to show you that going back to nature is not just an empty phrase but it is the best recipe and source of beauty. Our products meet strict European standards. We use only selected natural ingredients and rely on certified organic sources allowing our beauty products to bring you closer to nature. We may not be able to reproduce the feeling of damp grass under your feet or the wind in your hair but will ensure that herbs, berries and oils locked in our beauty products invigorate your skin. We want you to reach nature more easily and  teach you how to make the most of it. 

If you live in a big city, we bring the nature closer to you so you son't have to miss it any more.

Be eco-friendly

„Omnia subiecta sunt naturae” ("Everything is subject to nature") - Democrite & Epicure  

Modern, forward thinking companies, working today to improve the quality of our lives, do so through balanced development. This is how we work! Packaging is very important to us and we are using only economical packaging for our products. We are using jars and bottles that are easily biodegradable and recycled. Our duty to you, and to nature, is to look after our environment. Our mission is to make you aware, well informed customer that helps our planet. By choosing Clochee you are helping the environment! We want to teach you what it means to be eco-friendly with a positive outlook. We want to show you that being green can be easy. 


“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks”. Charles Gordy

Clochee is a pro-health project for your body and soul.  The essence of natural beauty bottled in our products will make you feel pampered and invigorated. We take a piece of nature and we pass it on to you so you can experience nature’s renewing and caring touch.  You will shine with positive energy. You will find your inner beauty and glow. Our aim is to make you smile and be fueled with optimism.